Local Restaurants

Local Restaurants

Last year in 2021, when my best friend decided that she was ready for new experiences on the east coast, she and I decided to go to as many local restaurants as possible before she moved away. In our search for adventure trying new things, we found so many different types of locally owned restaurants, it just opened up my world. I am no foodie by any stretch of the imagination, but I do love new experiences and I love food.

Now mind you, this is what we ate in March 2022 at DŌMA, here in Wichita. They do change their menu often, so these options may not be available now. The saying that the eye is the window to the soul really speaks volumes when you are attracted to what you see. Your salivary glands start working before you ever take a bite, especially when you see your food presented this way.

Poetry for me begins with feelings. Feelings for me equal passion. When I see food that looks like this, I believe that the person creating this art has passion for what they are doing. I enjoy the experience of eating the meal on a whole other level. It is exciting, and yes like a beautiful dance and the chef is playing the most amazing music that just makes me want to groove.

If you ever watch a child eat a meal that they love, you will see them bounce in their seat, hum, wag their heads back and forth and “mmmmmm” all they time they are eating it. That is how I feel when I see and taste food this way.

Don’t get me wrong, I love homemade meals just as much, but going out is a treat and it is nice to know that we have food artists in our own city that enjoy and are passionate about what they do.

I would love to hear your own experiences in our city with locally owned restaurants. And if you don’t live in Wichita, I would love to hear about locally owned restaurants in your city.

Love and Light!



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  1. Wichita really does have alot if eateries around. Speaking of which Serena Williams herself has tried a local restaurant here in town although it was not known that she was here in town also she wasn’t recognized by the employees who she was. I think it’s pretty cool that she stopped by. I want mention the restaurant but it’s in the Oldtown area. Just thought I share that story and end it with saying Wichita does have alot of great places from MA n PA joints to upscale restaurant it’s really nice to know we have something to offer.

    1. Oh wow, that is an awesome experience. Thank you for sharing! We really do have a place that a lot of celebrities like to visit in the ICT due to the low key nature of our city. You can hide out here and no one will ever know. It would have been awesome to meet her in a setting like that. Thank you for that experience.

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